Lost 1×19 Reaction

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  1. I think Boone’s call on the radio was intentionally meant to be misleading/unclear at the time? Though the subtitles make it clear.

    Also, Deus Ex Machina: “a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem in a story is suddenly and abruptly resolved by an unexpected and unlikely occurrence.”

  2. i went to see the episode and my subtitles are in french and it says during the radio call, “on est les survivants…”, which is translated to “we are the survivors…”.

  3. Eric is right, the DVD subtitles say that the line is “WE’RE the survivors of 815.” Hulu subtitles are different. A lot of weird things about the way this show is presented on streaming (like how some of the 2 hour finales are broken up)…speaking of which, it’s never too early to warn Eric that if they’re watching this on Hulu and just go by Auto-Play, then after the penultimate episode of the final season it then goes to the horrible “cut for streaming” version of the series finale, then the uncut (original TV) version after.

  4. One of the best episodes in my opinion. I watched “LOST” about… 4-5 times? Always find sth I missed 😉 Great to see yours reacion and theories about what the hell is happening and why 🙂

  5. android???? this is magic not science bro. and how did you know it was heroin? that is very specific. its just a bag of drugs to me, could be crack or meth or anything…………………#innocent

  6. Oh God the first time seeing that light come on was a really special moment. Still cry my eyes out at this episode every time. Absolutely heartbreaking.