Lost 1×20 Reaction

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  1. My new favorite thing is Eric, bless his heart, doing the most he possibly can to not only avoid spoilers, but at least try to take Rick off the scent. “Oh yeah, Man of Science, Man of Faith… that is was in a fan rap, I think? Oh yeah, what’s that about Locke and the others?” XD This has the same energy as the old-school Eric/Calvin reactions to GoT and I love it so much.

  2. It surprises me when people don’t know their blood type, maybe because both of my parents are doctors i have always known mine.. I also think in my country most people know their blood types too, so it’s normal to me. It is important to know for emergencies though. Just a thought i wanted to share after the discussion…

    1. It just doesn’t come up enough in regular life for people to care/know about their blood type. I know I’ve been told what my blood type is but I can’t actually tell you what it is as it’s never been important to me. You’re right that it is important to know for emergencies, I just don’t think many people, myself included, expect to be in these situations.

  3. This combination is so good, Eric’s love & Rick’s genuine curiosity & investment/theories for Lost

    Also in a lot of Asian countries, they have full medical checkup things at school, so that’s another reason they know their blood types etc