Lost 1×23 Reaction

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    1. Only in streaming – when the show originally aired, there was a 1 hour Part 1, and a 2 hour Part 2. That’s why in streaming between parts 2 and 3 the end credits come at a slightly random time, in the middle of a scene.

  1. I cant believe you’ve never seen yugioh :O
    Jin & Sun best couple
    The thing with Shannon & Sayid’s suitcase is good to show her development I think (also it was pretty soon after 2001 :/ I think alot of Americans were…uh…profiling…)
    also as an aussie I gotta say our police uniforms are a bit different than the one in the scene with Sawyer, not important it’s just that I can tell the aussie scenes weren’t filmed in aus (not to mention the accents lol thank god Claire’s actor is actually australian)

  2. Used to work for Homeland Security. Can confirm that’s pretty much exactly how you’re deported. In America, we basically would drop illegal immigrants off at the airport with their plane tickets. If they chose to turn around straightaway once they had gone through screening, it’s viewed as no longer being the government’s problem. (If that answers your question.)