Lost 1×24 Reaction

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  1. Eric, make sure you show Rick the uncut season 6 finale. They have it in 2 parts on Hulu, as well as the uncut version on Hulu. Just make sure you click the one that says The End Uncut Finale. A few other reactors accidentally showed the edited version, and they cut out some crucial scenes, because of time constraints.

  2. Portsmouth is actually a town on the South Coast of England, it was a major port during that time period and still is today so it would make sense that a slave ship would have set sail from there considering the British Empire’s size at that time.

  3. Michael reassuring Walt about Vincent in the luggage compartment…just made me realize how pets ride in the back of the plane. We see Vincent in the opening scene with Jack, meaning Vincent ran from one end of the island to the other, to find Walt I suppose? I guess it is another clue about survivors from the back of the plane…