Lost 2×16 Reaction

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  1. “You guys got any milk?” That feeling when you walk on to a show and start stealing every scene you’re in like your life depends on it.

  2. “Whats the other show I love him in… its got Jesus in it” That would be the excellent Person of Interest starring Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel, another great reaction show down the line should you ever get the chance

  3. I love Eric just trying to underplay how important Michael Emerson is, like oh this guys a great actor in these other things. Subtly implying his role here is just a small guest spot, little does Rick know the brilliance that is to come from him!
    ‘You guys got any milk’ the first iconic moment of my favourite character

  4. I goddam love Person of Interest. It’s a hope of mine that maybe they’ll react to it someday. Perhaps when they finish Lucifer or Lost. That’d be awesome.