Lost 2×20 Reaction

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  1. Loved this reaction guys! We’re getting close to the finale of Season 2 which is CRAZY to think about, as I feel like you guys just started this series.

  2. I think Ana Lucia got a really bad wrap from fans, I really like her. She clearly cares about her people and she’s constantly asking where the kids are that were taken and she tries to be as tough and strong as she can for her group. I never blamed her for killing Shannon, yes she made a mistake but it was a very intense situation, Cindy literally had just disappeared right before their eyes and they were hearing the whispers and none of them had heard them before, the only people that knew and had heard them before was Sayid and Sawyer. Even Sayid eventually realizes it wasn’t her fault and stopped blaming her and as the season went on she got better and better. I love that she went to Sayid when Henry drew the map to the balloon and had his back the whole time and she did apologize to him. And as for her backstory, it is a very tragic one. When she talks about when he shot her to Sayid you know that was the moment she stopped trusting people and you really can’t blame her. She obviously had been going through serious PTSD from losing her child, hence why she went off on the couple that were fighting and it is also sad when she talks to her therapist about the neighbor with the crying baby moved and now it’s quiet. She shouldn’t have killed him but she was fueled by rage and in her grieving mind this guy deserved a harsher fate. And it’s even more tragic when she was going to go home and except her fate for killing him just to end up on the Island and now dying. Also to keep in mind her getting shot, losing the baby and killing the guy wasn’t too long ago, so the whole thing was still very fresh, it was at least 6 months ago before she killed him and fled to Sydney.