Lost 2×5 Reaction

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  1. I don’t know exactly but the matchmaking thing is based more on business & how well it’ll affect both sides, probably some interests as well, but it’s very much a rich person thing
    They’ve also got a lot of random compatibility tests like blood, numbers etc

    I’m so glad I’ve only ever had cats they tend to not eat things they shouldn’t, they only thing is once my dumbass cat ate a bee & stung his mouth like an idiot

    This series is amazing I love how into Lost you both seem its really nice to see

    1. You just don’t understand her character, or her motivation. Yea, I disliked her when she was first introduced, but once we find out her past and character motivations etc, her character makes a whole lot more sense and you empathise with her. Plus, she grows to be a much better character. Trust me, I can think of objectively worse characters *Cough* Nikki and Paulo *Cough*