Lost 3×11 Reaction

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  1. Love Lost but, yea, having to win a game of chess to get into an operating system to blow up the communications building is the dumbest thing in the show. It never made sense to me.

    1. I think its supposed to be if you’re an actual Dharma employee you would’ve been told the quick solution when you were selected to be stationed there and anyone else such as the hostiles would either be unable to do it or at least have taken some time to solve it.

      1. 100% agree Volotic. An actual Dharma station worker would have just been given the pattern that you could set it to go off in seconds had there been an incursion. With the purposes of probably trying to take as much evidence with it as possible.

      2. I think this is the right interpretation. It makes the most sense and is very in line with the Dharma Initiative’s secrecy and security. There’s no getting around how goofy it is having video files for message prompts though, haha.