Lost 3×14 Reaction

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    1. I think its better because of hindsight, and the fact that you know what the story already is. But when you were watching live and they leave you with a bombshell only to have the next episode be completely useless in the grand scheme, thats why it gets the reputation it has. Basically just falls into the category of story consistency.

  1. I find this episode fun and we needed a calmer episode from how intense the previous episodes have been. I love Hurley and Sawyer working together, they make a good team. It was also fun seeing past moments but in a different view and I love see Boone and Shannon and Artz again! What’s funny is the writers were giving the audience what they wanted by showing them other crash survivors and when they did everyone was so mad. But I will say they didn’t make them likable right from the start, I still get annoyed when they show them in Further Instructions and they are ganging up on Hurley for not telling them about Jack and the others taken, like guys he just got back!

    Nikki and Paolo are by far the worst human beings in the show that’s not intentionally being a villain like Ben. They killed an innocent man that seemed like a good guy and neither of them show ANY remorse, in fact they are gitty that they got away with it! They find all these things and never tell anyone, they were greedy and selfish especially Nikki. You gotta love how pompous she is when she’s talking about the spider and she clearly wasn’t really listening to him, just what she wanted to hear. They ultimately killed themselves, in a way I believe the Island knew they had to go. Just one of my biggest problems with the episode is it’s very inconsistent, why would Nikki of all people care all of a sudden about helping out and contributing to the group? When did Paolo ever complain about this? They both seemed fine with only being with each other and finding the bag!

    Also it’s not a completely pointless episode either, Charlie confesses to Sun which has been needed for a while now and working and “solving” the case is what leads to Hurley deciding Sawyer is their new leader….I won’t give anything away but to me it’s actually a big deal for Sawyer’s character!

  2. Lol Nikki and Paolo are awful but I always kind of enjoyed this episode for being so ridiculous and how it’s kind of a murder mystery. And the twist at the end was genuinely shocking and horrifying the first time. Obviously not one of the better episodes of Lost but I still think the Jack tattoo episode is way worse lol.

  3. In rewatches I always skip the Jack tattoo episode, but I always watch this one. I love how goofy it is. LOST has such a good sense of humor sometimes, and this whole episode feels like a joke. Totally works for me.