Lost 6×17 & 6×18 Reaction

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  1. You didn’t watch the last 15 minutes…? That short epilogue explains a lot. Especially why the babies were dying and what happens to Walt and Michael.. Bummer

  2. Wow, I’m so sad the Lost reactions are over. Eric & Rick doing Lost reactions is what made me watch the show. When it originally aired I was 13, I think. So I had heard of it but never gave it a shot. But this year – wow did I sob like a baby during the series finale. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful show.

  3. it’s been really fun going through lost again with you guys! the show was such a huge part of my teen years (the first big “theory” show!) but i had never revisited it since and there were definitely a lot of things that i now appreciated much more as an adult.
    And speaking of “theory” shows, I really hope you will do Fringe next!! Eric, please convince the others/the fans to watch!! I’d be so curious to hear your opinions on it, such an amazing show!

  4. Lost is in my personal top 3 live action shows ever. This show has been in my life a long time. This reaction series has been there a much shorter time but still special. I started watching these reactions during my first semester of law school. I am now about to graduate this semester. I am going to miss these weekly reactions. Looking forward to the epilogue and recap podcast. Thanks Blind Wave!