Lucifer 2×17 Reaction

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  1. that is exactly what the nephelium are: angel human hybrid babies. i dont know about the bible (i dont know her) but in mainstream pop culture (movies, tv, and books) they are always the children of angels and humans. like in the novel series “mortal instruments”

  2. Was Rick thinking about Right to Censor? Because if he did, I do not get the reference he was trying to make……
    Just like I didn’t get the Son of the Beach reference)))

  3. Yeah, I don’t think there is any manipulation involved. I just think he is the most attractive man that is possibly capable of existing. If there are only two men left on the planet, Danny Devito and Brad Pitt, and most people choose to sleep with Brad Pitt over Danny Devito, is Brad Pitt “raping” people becasue he “makes” them prefer him over Danny Devito?

  4. Am I the only one who wants to know where that kid stabbed her because it was below her stomach and above her legs it looked like it was in her you know what

  5. Nephilim are in the Bible. They’re giants (offspring of fallen angels and women) in Genesis and Numbers, and in biblical apocrypha like Book of Enoch. So saying it never happened seems a bit odd in the context of the show.

  6. Lucifer’s power of getting the desires works on everyone but there are the difficult ones that he has try focus on them (all this is from season 1). The seduction is for those who desire sex probably.