Lucifer 2×18 Reaction

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  1. i know very little about christianity so this conversation is like “ok if you say so” lol. i know moses and the plagues and parting of the seas from pop culture and thats it. dont know about this 40 years, a mountain and a golden cow. this is my hagan daz lol

  2. this is the episode, well scene, i’ve been waiting for you to see. #season2isthebest i had no idea what was going on! the only theory i could come up with is “he’s back in hell” but no idea who did it. god doesnt do his own dirty work so he sent an agent as always, but WHO? or could it be maz getting revenge? how she got the wings? i dont know, grew them from the feather? who knows how this mess works. i honestly dont remember what happens in season 3 except i do know WHERE luci is.cant wait til next week!

  3. I was thinking about this beach scene (which I personally find really beautiful) EVERYTIME Eric talked about the sword… this is shotgun axe all over again, giddy big(baby)brother Amenadiel is the only Amenadiel I ever want
    I love when none of them have seen a show/movie so no one knows the correct answer to these questions its so chaotic & I love it

    @ 13:40 Oh wow a bible story that makes no sense whoda thunkit, the books definitely not filled with them
    @ 21:00 There is one VERY specific scene of Teen Wolf I now need Aaron to see (S2 E1 if you know you know)

    “When you’re an alcoholic & you need to go back to when you weren’t an alcoholic” is my new favourite Rick quote
    nope nvm “But they’re half human” “Toast?” is now my favourite

    Also Haagen Daas and Ben & Jerrys is like $12 in Australia so I’ve never had it but I really want to just say fuck it & buy a tiny $12 tub but feel like I’ll be dissapointed :/

    I don’t know how yall are gonna feel about season 3, this is gonna be interesting

  4. I waited for Eric to comment on the “fit as a fiddle” phrase when Chloe and L. met the cleaners.
    And Häagen Dazs was founded by an American couple of Polish origin.