Lucifer 2×2 Reaction

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  1. I´m not sure if anyone of you guys is reading this, but Lucifers brother is called A-men-a-deal.
    It drives me crazy every time Rick pronounces it wrong It´s NOT A-men-a-dell.

    Have a great day

  2. The difference between Lucifer and Linda’s situation, where she slept with him until she decided to that she shouldn’t, and Amenadiel and Linda’s situation is that Amenadiel lied to Linda in order to use her to get Lucifer to do what he wanted Lucifer to do, thereby making Linda unwittingly act against her patient’s best interests. I don’t know if there’s a psychiatric equivalent, but it’s kind of like making her unwittingly break the Hippocratic Oath. A more extreme comparison would be if a doctor (Linda) was sleeping with one of their long term patient (Lucifer) vs that patient’s brother (Amenadiel) lying to the doctor about being a fellow doctor and getting them to prescribe treatments that actively worsened the condition of the patient (Lucifer). After all, he was using her to try and convince Lucifer to go back to Hell willingly at that point.

  3. Sounds like Eric was really struggling with the concept of ethics. If only there were a critically-adored show with a surprisingly ripped moral philosophy professor who could help…