Lucifer 2×4 Reaction

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  1. Lucifer definitely is treating himself dealing with mom as the thing he needs to do in exchange for saving Chloe so I don’t think he used the coin. Whether he still could use it or not it sure seems like he didn’t. As such, if he’s not withholding his end of the bargain Chloe’s life could be taken back by god and so maybe that’s what’s happening with the crash at the end of the episode.

  2. Malcolm had the coin, but then suddenly Lucifer had it, said he “knew a guy”, flicked it to Malcolm, and then it burned up. The implication is that God gave the coin to Lucifer and he used it to get back. My theory is that the bargain Lucifer made with Malcolm was that Malcolm not shoot Lucifer, and when Malcolm did shoot Lucifer, albeit at a later time, he broke the deal and the coin ended up back with Lucifer.

    1. @Tracy I forgot about that. But you’re right. It’s both. God showed Lucifer a vison in his response to protecting Chloe. Lucifer automatically got the coin because Malcom broke his deal. Every other reason he didn’t give he didn’t give the coin back is given in later seasons which is spoilers. Or maybe not, it’s why Ama asked Lucifer to take her back when he asked though. (But the reason behind it is spoilers so I don’t know if they know what that is yet)

  3. Also, around the time you guys were talking about different D words, that’s when Chloe said it’s time to move out. I think she was exaggerating the homelessness situation, unless her mom was like well, since you’re moving out, I’m renting this place at the beginning of the next month.

  4. Yep. God took the coin from Malcolm and gave it to Lucifer to allow him to leave hell after showing him the open door of his mother’s cell in hell.