Lucifer 2×6 Reaction

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  1. I don’t think that it’s the face that makes people insane. It’s the fact that everything that Lucifer has said is true. The face is just proof that heaven, hell, God, Angels, the Devil, everything is real. Imagine trying to wrap your head around that, and then think about all of the stories you’ve been told on how the Devil is evil incarnate, and then think about everything that you’ve done in your life and the likelihood that you might actually end up in eternal torment when you die. That would take… quite a bit of time to process.

    1. Yeah, It’s the fact that they are confronted with the reality that god and the devil is real without a shadow of a doubt (in almost a HP Lovecraft “humans can’t handle the truth kind of way) that leaves them in utter shock and awe of what they have just experienced.

  2. Eric’s short rationalization of how Linda seeing Lucifer’s “Devil face” didn’t break her was fucking hilarious and totally worth the money I sink into your Patreon every month lol…you guys are awesome and I wish you guys would post Lucifer stuff more often lol (only because I’ve watched most of your other stuff through multiple times already lol) Keep up the awesome job you guys are doing!

  3. The TV show is a huge departure from the comic version of lucifer, but they still use some of the “meta” ideas from the graphic novels, which are really really good. If i could suggest reading “The Sandman: Seasons of the Mist” (especially to Rick who doesn’t seem to be enjoying the TV show as much as everyone else) It won’t spoil anything from the show, while at the same time giving you some insights into the background as well as simply being one of Neil Gaiman’s best graphic novels (it’s an amazing read through).