Lucifer 3×1 Reaction

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  1. I liked the discussion for this episode. Some of what Aaron was saying regarding Ella has me thinking a bit more about her character than I did during my first viewing (I know that’s a weird way to say it but I don’t know how to phrase things without spoiling too much if that makes sense?) I hope the guys come back to these topics later this season. Also about strength, lol I see what you did there, Aaron.

  2. Been waiting for Eric’s reaction to this since it started and was not disappointed. You guys asked a lot of good questions after the episode and you will get the answers you seek to just about all of em! Just have to keep going.

  3. I was waiting for your reaction to this one! I’m not going to spoil anything, but there is something you need to know. The last two episodes of season 3 are bonus episodes – episode 24 is the true last episode. It has been recommended by Lucifer producers that episodes 25 and 26 be watched between episodes 15 and 16, and I think that sounds about right. I think you would enjoy the end of the season more if you watched it that way. What does everyone else think? (without spoilers pls!)

    1. I was looking for this answer! lucifer truly despises his wings and doesn’t want to be God’s angel anymore. If he showed Chloe the wings, she may be shocked for a while, but ultimately she’d have an entirely different perception of him. And he views that as lying to her. Cause that’s not who he is. I loved this reaction. I can already tell there’ll be several facepalms going forward loool. Sometimes the characters are extremely frustrating, and the plot is not as straight forward as the other seasons. Like there’s a lot of questions that remain unanswered for a while, please keep in mind that they’re not simply dropped and left unanswered, just some things take the characters a while to figure out themselves. But ultimately, this is a wild season with SO many good episodes and moments!

  4. Hey Guys, keep in mind Lucifer himself ask the question of how they managed to render him unconscious, so I don’t feel like that is so much an issue with the story so much as a mystery to be solved.

  5. Great discussion as usual guys, I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say pretty much everything you discussed will be addressed in the episodes to come 🙂

      1. Of course man its all opinions at the end of the day apologies if i came across as authoritative. I wouldn’t even necessarily say i dislike him though i am ambivalent in that i never watched Smallville, if i had any dislike it would be towards his role as Pierce. But it wasn’t just him as stated for me the season as a whole was quite poor all round with our main cast going backwards (especially Lucifer himself) to fit in with the implications of the dynamic Pierce introduced.

        I am interested to see what they think about it though. That was part of my point i think, that i can see Eric especially not seeing it the same way i did because of his great enjoyment of Tom as an actor, actually what did you think about Pierce and his storyline too in terms of you being a fan of his? Or the season as a whole?

  6. You guys missed the part where they said the kidenapping business those guys were running was illegal. That’s why they were shocking people, it was an underground business

  7. As a side note, in regards to the “non-Christian” inclusion of changelings: It was a common belief during Victorian England that Faeries were the last third of angels that did nothing during the Rebellion (1/3 joined Lucifer, so 1/3 must have joined Michael, and the last 1/3 did not join either side, since trinities are so important in Christianity), which is how the hyper “pious” Victorian Christians justified their seemingly heretical fascination with Faeries. And thus, the concept of changelings, being the children of Faeries swapped at night with real children, is somewhat tangentially related to Christianity. Do I think the producers and writers knew that? Probably not, but it is a fun connection.