Lucifer 3×10 Reaction

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  1. I think Eric is mistaken Cain and able for esau and Jacob…. Jacob also was a farmer but tricked his brother by stealing his father’s blessing when he was blind and he got esau to give him his birthright as firstborn for some food . In the Bible there are numerous stories of the smarter more cunning brother duping the more naive and innocent brother who is the fathers favorite .

      1. Yeah God put Cain in charge of crops & Abel in charge of the animals, then asked for an offering from their work, God didnt like Cains offering as much as the smell of cooked meat yadayadayada Cain kills Able in a fit of rage

        Basically Gods a dick & neither brother deserved any of his shit, I personally don’t view Cain as evil (at least the mythological bible version) he’s just a guy who lost control (cos gods a dick) who didnt even know about murder or death (cos gods a dick & didnt tell anyone anything except you have to love me or I’ll kill you)

        Also I personally love Charlotte’s character (both as MOM & Charlotte) & can see differences but I also know people like this, people that are super uncomfortable/awkward in regular public interactions like small talk & especially with kids (whose father you’re sleeping with) also the trauma of being in hell but thinking that cant be true & you’re going crazy cant help

  2. I think you guys are right about Charlotte’s depiction being a bit… off.
    I think they try to spin it as her existential shock about hell or whatnot, but I’m not sure how convincing that explanation is.

  3. its super obvious he’s the sinner man. the serial killer he was after just happens to show up in the town he moved to? the show goes out of its way to make him a nothing character: no friends, no family, or relationships/dating life (typical of a real serial killer) but that is also making him different from everyone else in the show. everyone has some form of friendship with each other, a connection. smallville has no connection to anyone outside of just working and he’s not even in every episode and not even anyone’s partner so it will be easy for us as viewers to lose him as a cast member/character cause we losing: nothing. lucifer isnt losing a friend, dan isnt losing a boyfriend, its just one more rando baddy that we have formed no personal attachment to ala typical of this show. not a read just saying……i also could be totally wrong and they did this to make him a red herring. all of my evidence can also be used to argue: its too obvious. they (the show) was me to suspect him so he has to be innocent. we will see