Lucifer 3×13 Reaction

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  1. Did anyone else notice that when Lucifer and Pierce were arguing at the party everyone was laughing except Eric. You seemed to genuinely concerned about this relationship and didn’t want this to fight. This has been the best reaction they have done to this show, love it!!

  2. this ep was so good! worth the wait. its so sad that fox/network tv is so homophobic. lucifer is bi in the comic and they hinted at it in season one with a scene of him waking up in bed with a woman and man and thats the best they could do. him and marcus could have bonded this episode and did the ship! then it would be a love triangle of marcus, luci and chloe. too bad this wasnt on cw lol we would have so gotten that #missedopportunities

    1. Technically, they fully confirmed he was bi in that season 2 episode where all of his recent exes were called for questioning but I see what you mean. I guess he is bi but lower on the Kinsey scale in the reality that makes up Earth 666?

  3. you laugh but he’s not wrong. people who take care of themselves live over a hundred and those who dont “average is 60-80 years” so everyone be paleo, get rid of your cars and FACTries and all the chemicals and poisons in pills. preservatives etc etc

  4. Calvins theory mixed with Erics… Marcus & Lucifer shortened to Marc & Luc like the bible ‘authors’
    + why not add Mark of Cain to it, fuck it.

    I’m curious about Eric & Aaron’s thoughts about that Lucifer cameo from ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ after watching the show (not that it was a big scene)