Lucifer 3×14 Reaction

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  1. It’s explained before in this that humans send themselves to hell based on their own guilt for their actions, if someone loves torture and fire and burning and feels no remorse or guilt about it they wouldn’t end up in hell, it’s kind of a big gap I see in the series because any sociopath that feels no guilt can easily get out of going to hell.

    1. Maze and the demons torture thee ones that feel no guilt. It’s not stated but Lucifer sits on the highest/lowest point in hell. The worst of the worst with all of the murders, liars, the guy that betrayed jesus, etc. Most of them don’t feel guilt but they don’t go unpunished unless their souls are obliterated. I won’t say more till the end of S4 though on that, you just gotta read between the lines.

  2. Just so you are aware and aren’t confused the show was canceled by Fox at the end of season 3 which is episode 24. The other two episodes are just extra episodes that were filmed earlier in the season before they knew they would be canceled. Netflix picked up the show for season 4 and on.