Lucifer 3×16 Reaction

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  1. yeah. i always mix her up with the actress from brooklyn 99. she was a c.o. on orange is the new black and she is now with the fbi on good girls. she has been type cast lol

  2. For the mormons originally it was only men with multiple wives, now its just men in high esteem… doesn’t matter still gross

    there are so many sects of christianity/judaism & it’s a fictional show based on a comic trying to figure out the theology is a maze lol

  3. “Each Thor-worthy type of Mormon gets a planet?”
    “I mean, there are trillions of planets.”
    “How many Mormon are there?”
    “Not trillions.”

  4. Rick Riordan’s books take place where Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse gods all exist simultaneously, probably all types of gods exist, and the afterlife is determined person to person. Like whichever belief you had in life that is the afterlife you get. Even if you believed in no afterlife, that’s what you got.

  5. They should react to “Dave Allen – religious jokes” which is 13 minutes of humour i suspect would be right up Eric, Calvin and Ricks alley and touches upon some of the things mentioned in the reaction.