Lucifer 3×18 Reaction

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Comment (4)

  1. Maze is and will always be a demon. She has gone thousands of years without experiencing emotions until she came to earth. Her strongest emotional attachments besides Lucifer is Linda and Trixie, she felt hurt and betrayed and doesn’t know how to deal so she is pushing everyone away so she doesn’t have to deal with her emotions.

  2. maz is having an adult temper tantrum. i been there before but it just never lasted this long lol. i read the person who wronged me for filth then put on some loud music and sing the pain/anger away then go to sleep. next day im over it. it helps that im not forced to be around the people who hurt me “time and distance” as my old therapist used to say is the keep to getting through trauma

  3. So Cain collects rocks… if I remember right, in the Bible, Cain killed Abel by hitting him in the head with a rock? do you think he kept the rock he killed Abel with? Or it spurred on the collecting of rocks?

  4. Maze is a demon. You can’t expect demons to act properly. She’s definitely not going to know how to act in a normal human way to emotional pain.