Lucifer 3×2 Reaction

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Comment (13)

  1. Of course we know who Tom Welling is ? we have watched Smallville over here as well (Germany) ? my reaction to seeing him in the first episode was the same as yours Eric ???

  2. Kevin Sorbo I would say is bigger because he’s known for more than just one role, whereas, at least as far as I know, Tom Welling is only really known for his role as Clark on Smallville.

    Personally I knew Kevin Sorbo from two different roles, Hercules and Andromeda, at the time but had no idea who Tom Welling was when he first showed up on this show.

  3. Ratings wise, Welling is the bigger name. For the record, Hercules the Legendary Journeys ran for 4.5 years and never broke 5 million viewers in its biggest season. Smallville’s best season saw more than 7 million viewers and the show ran for 10 seasons. The average person may not know his name, but would definitely recognize “Clark Kent” before “Hercules.” That being said, among “Fandom” I’d say Kevin Sorbo since he’s been in a number of things (good, bad, and terrible) since his Hercules days that set off nostalgia bells.