Lucifer 3×20 Reaction

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  1. So the reason Lucifer doesn’t just pop his wings out to prove everything to Chloe is because he has never seen himself as an “angel”. That’s just not him. It’s the whole reason in this episode that him thinking he’s this vigilante angel going out saving people has driven him crazy. He doesn’t want his wings, in his mind he’s no angel. He tried to show Chloe his devil face earlier in the season because that’s what he really views himself as.

    1. I actually didn’t think of it that way that Lucifer in this episode didn’t want anyone to see him as an angel, least of all Chole and thus will not show his wings. That’s a really good point. Also, I don’t think he ever tried to show his wings, only his failed attempt to show his devil face, and getting her to shoot him back in season 1.

  2. Loved the reaction to this episode. You guys are gonna love the upcoming episodes. Actually, I’m surprised no one I know has ever brought up that Chole literally watched Lucifer have a complete mental breakdown and not think to get immediate mental help for him. From her point of view, he just shouted he couldn’t sleep, is obviously extremely distressed, and is having a very obvious meltdown. I understand the argument, but she appeared to just left the convo and not bother about it after he showed clear signs that raise concerns in anyone else.

  3. I feel like Aaron is mostly right in his interpretation of the character and their motivations. Maze is so blinded by getting back at Lucifer, but she does also harbor some animosity toward Chloe because its because of Lucifer’s relationship with her that means Lucifer won’t take her back to hell and doesn’t pay attention to her. You could maybe argue the longstanding jealousy of “losing” Lucifer to Chloe is part of the fuel to her motivations. Shes not mad at Chloe but breaking Lucifer and Chloe up will get her what she wants. It will lead to Lucifer taking her back to Hell in her mind. She doesn’t want to hurt Chloe but it’s either live unhappy on Earth or hurt her to get Lucifer to take her back to Hell in this moment in time for her.

  4. I get where Aaron is coming from, defending Maze. But it’s justifiable to say fuck Maze when the show is directing it that way.

    And despite Maze being hurt, she’s being a bitch to everyone. But Chloe was very nice to her and said, “I didn’t want you to move out, I want you here.” You’re the best friend Trixie has ever had, she’s not mad at you. And Maze just left still taking her anger on everyone. Chloe did nothing wrong to Maze so her being fine with Cain hurting her is still messed up. Especially since how she acts throughout the series to protect people.