Lucifer 3×23 Reaction

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  1. Lucifer is different now then he is in Season 1. Back in Season 1, he might have simply shown his wings (but he didn’t have it then) so he settled for shooting him to prove he is in fact what he says he is.

    The idea now is that he wants chole to see him for what he really is, the devil. He doesn’t want to show her the wings because the wings shows his angelic self, a part of him he doesn’t believe he is truly. If Chole sees him as an angel, that is still lying to her and hiding what he really is from her. He wasn’t ever thinking of showing her proof of divinity, all he cared about was “If she knew I really was a monster, would she still accept me? Or is she accepting me now because she is unaware of how hideous I truly am.”

    This is a story of a reverse beauty and the beast. The beast starts off as a handsome prince and is hoping beauty will accept him as the beast, what he really is, instead of falling in love with the handsome prince side of him, or worst, that he has a even more angelic side.

  2. Lucifer simply doesn’t show his wings because he doesn’t want them and doesn’t think they represent his true self. to him, the devil face is his true self that he wants Chloe to see. He could have shown the wings but to him he wouldn’t have been actually showing Chloe what he wanted to show her. He has very big hang ups about this wings. its not a simple “just show her your wings” for him.

  3. I hope they remembered the 2 bonus episodes of season 3, one s directed by the actor who plays Dan and one is narrated by Neil Gaiman.