Lucifer 3×24 Reaction

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  1. Just a little note, the next two episodes aren’t really a continuation of the story. Episode 25 should’ve been placed earlier in the season while episode 26 is like a one off special.

  2. I hope you skip 3×25 and 3×26 since they’re not really canon. I mean they they’re fun to watch, but after 3×24, 4×01 is definitely the next episode you should click on lol

    1. I respectfully disagree. 3×25 is definitely (at least partially) canon (given that a certain character returns, played by the same person), and 3×26 is just fun. No reason to skip over them, really, especially since I really want to see them react to 3×26.

      1. Completely disagree with those saying to skip ep 25 & 26. While I am impatient for them to get to S4, those are still good episodes, and it would be worse to come back to them later.

    2. Episode 25 is 100% canon. In addition to what JVW92 said, Ella has mentioned talking to ghosts a couple times already in Season 3. Dan also mentions his rollercoaster adventure with Lucifer in Season 5A.

  3. Btw this was when Fox canceled Lucifer and this would of been the final episode ever. So you can see why people really campaigned for it to be picked up and thankfully Netflix did. Also, the main reason Netflix did pick it up was because of the fans and apart from the Snyder Cut, it was probably the biggest fan campaign for something ever.

  4. Eric Whitely: Tom Welling’s Ass Expert. Print those business cards.

    Just realized we have to wait another 3 weeks for the next real episode, and that is a bummmmmer. But Season 4 is great, and you notice the jump in quality right away.

  5. I hope you go right to Season 4. Episodes 25 & 26 are just Bonus episodes that do not follow the story line at all. Excited to see your reaction to the next seasons!

    1. i didnt even know there were episodes after this. i never saw or heard of them. this was the series finale then the campaign happened, then netflix picked it up. how long after this originally aired did they wait to release those bonus episodes?

  6. I wish, they had been told the show was canceled. So they could, even for a few minutes experience the absolute desperation in wanting season 4 from the fans.

  7. I like episode 25 and 26 as well but that doesn’t make them canon. Because if hownthey were released they are not canon to the story. This was literally stated by the shownrunners.

  8. Man I love how they used the song lyrics “it’s the beginning of the end” when Chloe saw lucifers face.

    The way the song starts slowly playing as his face reveals itself and then he turns around.