Lucifer 3×25 Reaction

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  1. These last 2 episodes aren’t episodes you have to watch as they were shown to fox to see if they would pick it up for another season before Netflix did

  2. Well, Episode 25 – 26 were suppose to be part of season 4, but Fox Canceled the show, so while we were waiting and hoping that someone would pick up the show.

    They decided to drop them as bonus/Free standing Episodes, since they were not anymore connected to the Main story… So, you don`t have watch 25-26 to watch season 5, because there is no real connection between Episode 25 – 26 that leads into season 5..

    1. Disagree, there is more than one call back to ep 25 in season five. Also read a post season 5 interview with the show runner where he point blank says ep 25 is cannon.

      1. I have watched all of them, and i can tell you that you wouldn`t miss much, if you don`t watch 25.
        There is no crazy info in season 5 that would be confused without the stuff in Episode 25..

        1. I’ve seen them all as well. Agree to disagree. But the only way for them to know if the feel like me or you in the end of it is for them to watch these eps for themselves. We can’t decide if its worth watching on their behalf. So whether they feel these eps are a waste or worth watching I’m glad to see their reaction.

          1. They don’t pick up after the big reveal at the end of Season 3, so no they are not that important for the story in season 4. As for season 5, i never felt like i would be to confused without seeing Episode 25, it wasn`t that huge for the story to go forward.. We would have known about those things anyways while watching through season 5..

      2. I completely agree, Crystal. One of the showrunners has literally said that episode 25 is canon and it’s referenced twice in season 5. We also have season 6 and it could come up there as well.

          1. (Er, sorry. It’s hard to see which “reply” link goes to which comment on my screen.)

  3. I was SO wishing we’ll get 4×01 🙁 That’s why I didn’t want them to react to 3×25 and 3×26 because they’re such a disappointment following 3×24. Especially since they didn’t know that these 2 episodes do not follow the timeline and were just thrown in there after the show was cancelled.

    1. I personally am glad they reacted to this, it’s a very fun episode and a cool insight to Ella and another angel. Even if it’s off for the timeline it could just be considered a flashback episode, and it’s still Cannon.

      I’m also hoping they react to the next episode because that’s also a fun one.

      1. You can day they’re wring all you want. They don’t fit into the timeline whatsoever. If they were after season 4 episode 1 I would say they do fit but they absolutely DO NOT fit the continuity od the show. It’s confusing for no reason and directly contradicts episode 4×1

      2. I like how you’re just commenting on everyone saying 3×25 & 3×26 aren’t really a good continuation (Followed by most of them explaining why and how THIS episode is referenced like twice only) with a simple “wrong” as if you were trump spouting out the largest word he could think of.

      1. 25/26 was suppose to be part of season 4, but after Fox canceled the show, they released them as Bonus Episodes, but they are not really needed to go into season 4 & 5..

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