Lucifer 3×26 Reaction

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  1. So God this episode is Neil Gaimon the creator of the sandman comic, where lucifer comes from. Don’t forget these are just bonus episodes and aren’t actually canon. These are like the naruto episodes yall skip because they are filler.

      1. @Darth wtf is wrong with you? stop replying on every comment .. who cares if these two episodes are canon or not they. .. if they would not watch them they would miss nothing … they are canon because of 3 seconds appearence of one character in season 5 ?…

        1. So basically, you see someone reply to a comment and tell someone else to stop posting things….and your reaction is to….reply to a comment and tell someone else to stop posting things….hmmmm….okay.

          1. @xle6ionx you got problem with that? did you at least read his previous comments in previous videos ?

  2. Personally, I enjoyed these last episodes. I am glad they did not skip them, I was not expecting them to skip it anyway but I disagree with people who were telling them to skip these, especially on a first watch I think they are worth watching regardless of how much it ties in later on in the series. They are still good episodes. I feel like the last episode expands on Ella as a character and obviously we get to see another angel. This episode was just a fun what if episode which I also liked. I understand wanting to get back to the main plot but I don’t mind waiting for that and enjoying these episodes in-between. I am also watching as they are so I have not started S4 yet either.

      1. Why are you replying to my comment? Did you reply to the wrong one? I already know that they are canon. I was defending the episodes. I understand the frustration but jeez, calm down a little lol

  3. This is gonna sound like a made up sentence, but… I went to a strip-bar in Hawaii with Neil Gaiman. It was around 1995. I introduced him to just about everyone in the strip-bar as Neil “Guy-man” so he spent a good amount of time correcting people on on how to pronounce his name lol

  4. Put some respect on Judge Joseph Wapner’s name. His show, The People’s Court, started in 1981 and lasted 12 years. Judge Judy ripped off his format.