Lucifer 4×6 Reaction

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  1. You’re probably accustomed to this but the promo materials for the final season are seemingly flooding television and social media advertisements and contain MAJOR spoilers. You may have to be extra vigilant to avoid spoilers for the remainder of this show.

    1. Yeah, I had to stop following the actors I followed from the show before season 5 to avoid spoilers and I still have images and videos from the trailers pop up on the Instagram explore page from random Lucifer fan accounts. Thankfully not been spoiled much for S5 & 6 but have to pay attention to avoid it.

  2. I think all of us wanted the old Lucifer back in this case. But then, is it just this one wolf in the world? Moreover, Lucifer’s inner turmoil and his temptation come face to face this season.
    It’s highly difficult to avoid the spoilers as I see pics popping everywhere, so you were warned I suppose.

  3. Dan this season = projection
    I personally really love what they’re doing with Dan (even though I hate it too) but so often in shows someone loses a person they love & theres no long term effects like a couple months later & they’re fine, I really like that it’s so realistic even if that means we don’t like what we see in someone we care about

  4. I can’t believe you guys didn’t notice who played the victim. If you can’t see face in “crime scene”, you can see it in the photo of the victim in the file. ?