Lucifer 5×15 Reaction

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Comment (11)

  1. This is one episode I haven’t been able to rewatch. Lucifer breaking when he says he can’t lie to Trixie just broke me. It did again watching it just now.

  2. Malcom is the only person we’ve seen truly die and come back from the dead, but there’s some stipulation with that. He was in a coma for a while after being shot. He stayed in the coma, his body saved from mortal wounds. Essentially brain dead but alive until they pulled the plug. Then he was dead for only “30 seconds” according to the show. When Amenadiel brought his soul back from hell, his body was still a viable vessel and since it was his own body we can assume that he defaulted to his body upon his return.

  3. The guy who played chuck in supernatural is god in supernatural which mean last episode god left and then someone who used to play god was brought in. That just felt funny to me