Lucifer 5×3 Reaction

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Comment (7)

  1. I mean, Lucifer hasn’t mentioned that Michael was his twin, but they have mentioned Michael repeatedly throughout the show. Amenadiel has also mentioned him before, as recently as last season, when Linda wanted to name Charlie “Michael.”

  2. When Amenadiel and Linda where discussing baby names in season 4 she suggested Michael and Amendiel made a face at the name and said No, that was the name being seeded but I think that was the only time it was mentioned.

  3. Not read the comics myself so not sure how much similarity it is between the show and comics, but Lucifer and Michael was twins in that, so not something that was randomly thought up for the show.

    1. read the comics: the show is nothing like it. has nothing to do with the police at all…….if they were twins they surely didnt show it in the comics since michael looks nothing like lucifer

  4. Rewatching the entire Series, knowing how it ends… This season has definitely become my favorite. It was done so well.
    Like the idea of Michael as a better devil, is connected to the idea of why God made Decker for Luci.
    I swear they need to teach classes on this show.