Lucifer 5×8 Reaction

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  1. Re: when did Lucifer become invulnerable again? — when they’re talking on the balcony Chloe’s noting how he finally is letting down his walls… and he gets an interesting look and says ‘I may have let my guard down’. I think he realized – subconsciously – that he couldn’t risk being vulnerable around her anymore. (It’s a caring more, not a caring less thing.) And damn good timing too!

  2. Re: the predictability of the cases ‐- I think they were dancing around it in the discussion, but I think Lucifer does a good job of hiding the celestial surprises and part of their strategy is making (or perhaps not caring?) that the police cases are obvious. They saw Pete coming a mile away so they were completely blindsided by God appearing. Everyone could suspect Tom Welling would be the Sinnerman but the real reveal is that he was Cain. They let the audience pat themselves on the back, thinking they were not fooled and the writers are too obvious, and never suspect that there’s another surprise around the corner.

    1. Agreed, the cases are always easy, they make them obvious to be able to project L’s issues on them. If they were more complicated or less transparent, they wouldn’t have that much time for character development.