Lucifer 6×9 Reaction

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  1. im so confused. when did amenidel and linda breakup? last ep she was with some super hot dude hooking up but last i saw they were a couple living together raising charlie but ever since he went into cop school they just dropped that story arc.

  2. I think Trixie knew since the 1st time she met Lucifer in season1 that he’s the devil for real. Her drawing, the conversations between Lucifer and Maze she witnessed, her conversation with God, the story of the ring, etc. She learned as she grew. I dont think she’d be surprised nor upset about any fiture “revelation”

    1. I agree, Trixie was always accepting to Maze and Lucifer both. The picture on the fridge with L holding her hand and winking with his red eyes was a very clear indicator imo.

  3. Dan mentions that LeMec will be spending his life in prison, so the nickname “french fries” is a ref. to the French nationality and not the electric chair.

  4. I don’t get why Gabriel ended up being a woman and God never had a plan or attorney angel or someone that was his Top Angel. My issue with Netflix taking over shows is sometimes their writing isn’t like the original shows they renew.