Mars Attacks! Movie Reaction

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    1. I think Calvin not appreciating the campy style of these means he would have been complaining about Star Wars A New Hope if was released today. Sometimes they need to put Calvin back in the cave where they found him cause back then he knew nothing. But now people think he has knowledge on film after 6 years. Id love see his face over Spaced Invaders.

  1. I watched your reaction and full length this morning, when you posted it and was laughing when you all were talking about how Calvin has said multiple times “I need to watch that” when you guys mention Mars Attacks, yet he still hadn’t. Then, just now, I was re-watching an old Clone Wars reaction of yours (randomly picked one…season 4 episode 5) and sure enough, during it, Eric says “reminds me of Mars Attacks” and Calvin says “I need to watch that” and starts flipping through his notebook. Hahahaha something I never noticed that was aid often, but it will now stick out when rewatching old reactions. Too funny/ great.

  2. like rick i only saw it once as a kid, i so dont remember anything about it outside of aliens from mars have a secret invasion going on and i THINK some of them have taken over the president? dont remember any actors or if they are mind controlling folks like butterflis/yeerks or if they just replaced them like in invasion of the bodysnatchers

  3. WOW. so many stars in this. WHAT!? what were they thinking? its obviously a b-movie, they thought it would be the next titantic?????? IM CONFUSED! and pam greer! wow nice to always see her

    1. If you can’t understand different people find different things funny or you can’t follow what’s going on in the movie you are probably too young to even be on this website… But then again you are a patreon so who knows

  4. i dont get this movie. it was so boring. it was like it was trying to be weird and it failed. no charm or camp or humor or anything. i did not laugh at anything or enjoy it at all

  5. I had at least 15 years without watching this movie, I was laughing throughout all the reaction. How does this movie exists?
    I had no idea Nicholson was twice in this movie