Masters of the Universe: Revelation 1×10 Reaction

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  1. nope, not from comic books. that is HORDAK, the guy who kidnapped and raised alora (adam’s twin sister who becomes she-ra). he was the real big bad all along. think of hordak as apocalypse and skellotor as one of his horsemen. he goes around conquering galaxies so he has emasseries all over. he is the one that trained/empowered skellotor. hopefully it get more seasons so we can get a REAL she-ra for the modern age!

  2. Hordak or the evil Horde is the red symbol. It is terrible how little they know. They seemed like the Normies For He-Man but I suppose was a little before their time. The Dark creatures are Shadow Beasts which can only do well in darkness but their design is the same. Heaven and Hell is the new thing. That never was in 84 or 2000 adaptations