Masters of the Universe: Revelation 1×5 Reaction

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    1. What’s there not to understand? Almost all the marketing is towards He-man and skeletor thag are constantly namedropped but make appearances twice in a remake of the show geared towards them. Then you just have the characters go underdeveloped or some way too quickly and have it excused by nostalgia. It’s okay as a show but they’re just baiting for their next part.

      1. Oh wow. Imagine not spoiling the death of a major character in your marketing. How dare they. You people get upset over the most petty things. And “baiting” for the next part? You mean setting up? Like literally every show ever would do? Wow you scrape the bottom of the barrel for things to whine about.

        1. Yeah, I just mentioned some little issues that make the show okay which, in all honesty, really isn’t. You wanna call them “major characters” when they’re majorly nonexistent throughout the show for the sake of female empowerment, I guess? Multiple characters die when we’ve had little to no time to develop them and gain any sort of emotional connection other than a sympathy one cause shit happens. The most we knew about roboto was that he was made my man at arms and could craft the sword. The show made no attempts make him make sense with the guy who doesn’t feel emotions, hence why fear wasn’t an issue for him in subterrnia, get emotions out of nowhere implying that he always had them so then it would’ve made no sense for him not to have felt fear in their preceding episode but we’ll gloss over that just cause we have another part. Orko dies after a fat ass exposition dump that rushes his development from can’t do anything wizard to I can do everything now wizard cause apparently all he needed was to fight for his life and a pep talk.

        2. Shock value doesn’t make the show interesting. It’s one thing to kill off characters in exhancge for my compelling characters but the group of women making snide comments to each other while they queer bait teela and andra is nowhere near interesting. You literally had them ridicule he-mans cheesy lines while they did the same thing the episode prior and in that same episode. It would be funny if it was supposed to be for irony’s sake but when they were talking about him they were dead serious and teela was just being pissy over he-man being Adam a “teenage boy that doesn’t get out much”. Tf are they trying to convey to the audience?

        3. If you went to go watch avengers after seeing captain America, iron man and Thor appear as the most powerful, most visually striking and interesting characters with massive fans and followings to prove it, would you think it’s at all a smart idea to kill them off immediately so you can watch the rest of the team go on a trip where they all die quickly and your main character whines like a bitch about CW level shit?

        4. Oh, wow, my main character’s gripe is that she wasn’t told the truth about her best friend being a warrior she fights with all the time which at no point would’ve jeopardized her life and isn’t information she’s entittled to have just being a friend. A best friend, yeah, but still just a friend. She obviously wasn’t that close if she could leave her entire home behind on an assumption of why a dead man did what he did. Adams own. own dad didn’t know and she feels so entitled that she disregards her entire family and friends to become some anti-magic punk bitch who’s afraid of being extraordinarily despite her already being that as the only female warrior to fight alongside the most powerful man in the universe and be man at arms, a title giving to her by the king and queen themselves. You’d only be more extraordinary if you were shitting rainbow and sneezing fairy dust but the show wants to be a wannabe she-ra

    1. He is not wrong the Butchered Teela and knew nothing of the He-Man Canan. The Power Sword is not 2 halves there are 2 Swords. Yes Adams Sword Joined with The Sword Of The Ancients but there are not two Halves. Teela is the Number 1 sidekick cause she was the obvious love interest and was strong and didn’t need to be She-Hulk looking. The 2002 Remake makes this like a Bad Hangover dream and people who love this never seen the series just maybe had the toys.

  1. I don’t think Orko is the dead cause why would then need to make him a grave in the Afterlife if wasn’t there. The Trollans are tied to Greyskull and The Sword Of Power and at some point it reverts cause Adam cant stay He-Man form forever.