Masters of the Universe: Revelation 1×7 Reaction

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  1. there is a spiderman villain called the spot who creates teleporting discs, thats my point of reference for that attack. not gilgamesh, he never did that in any comic i read (the eternal gilgamesh is the only one i know)

  2. they should really do something about their microphones when it comes to calvin. even when the others shout or get excited its never as loud as calvin and its annoying and disruptive a lot of the time. i like he gets excited but damn my speakers or eardrums are gonna get some damage one of these days. if their aware calvin is so loud shouldnt they think about a solution like moving the mic further from him and closer to eric or rick who are usually quieter and hard to hear. aaron and calvin are always on the loud end and rick and eric on the quieter end