Megamind Movie Reaction

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  1. This one seems more cut than usual reactions and I can’t help but feel the amazing soundtrack meant a lot of the scenes had to be cut from the reaction for copyright reasons

  2. For the longest time, I’ve wanted a crossover movie between Megamind and Despicable me. Two ex-villains and their minions teaming up to take down a big bad.

  3. Every. single. time. someone brings up the skeleton in a nursing school, I’m reminded of the Diagnosis Murder episode where (SPOILERS) they’re trying to find out what happened to a missing woman & turns out she was the skeleton model in Dr Sloan’s office the whole time…

  4. one of my favourite details is that if you go back and watch the scene with megamind talking to metroman in the observatory you can actually see a split second where metroman fades out for like a frame or two and appears behind megamind cause of the super speed