Mortal Kombat 1995 Movie Reaction

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    1. yes it is. own the series and rewatched it in 2018. still holds up. part of the xena warrior princess era! what happened to all these great action adventure shows we used to have. its all procedurals nowadays

  1. Am i the only one that feels Eric is overdoing it latelly? Arron points out the correct things and just saying “Shut up” to him is just not fun to watch imho. Overpositivity is as bad if not worse then negativity. Someone points out a flaw you dont Shut them up, you agree with them or give valid arguments.

    1. Nah. This is normal level Eric-ness and honestly, I’d be doing the same. There’s no such thing as overpositivity and masterpieces like Mortal Kombat have no flaws, henceforth, SHUT UP. MOOORTAAL KOMBBATTT

    2. Eric obviously isn’t being serious…. his shut-ups are obviously in a jokey matter and its obvious that he has huge nostalgia of this movie from watching it as a kid hence why he says its “perfect”. Im cconvinved eric knows its flawed he is just joking around….

  2. i’ve never seen someone so happy and excited watching a film lol. not even men when i watch adventures in babysitting or grease 2 or clue my top three films lol

  3. there’s a mortal kombat youtube series? never heard of it. i know of mortal kombat conquest (tv series0 and of course the animated series aka the best. now street fighter youtube series, that i know of

  4. Man I can barely hear RIck and Calvin and Eric is way too loud in comparison (not jsut when he’s excitedly shouting, just in general). Anybody else feel that way for last few reactions or is my audio setup just messed up?

    1. I feel the same way. I know they recently got a new camera so that could be the reason. I think they need to look at the audio levels and fix that up because in their recent reactions, I can hear Eric and Aaron perfectly, but I have to turn up the volume for Rick and Calvin. Billy is one of the editors so maybe he can let them know about this issue.

  5. I never watching this movie when it came out as a kid/teen. It just wasn’t the kind of thing I was interested in at the time. But watching it now, in a somewhat inebriated condition, sure let’s have fun. Kinda like Godzilla vs Kong I’m not trying to take it seriously at all. So it’s silly, corny, and then effects… well, I grew up through that era so I know what they had to work with. But for adapting a video game that was ridiculous to begin with – sure, it’s simple unsophisticated entertainment.