Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Reaction

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  1. If you guys want good fighting put Warrior on a poll a show based on the writing of Bruce Lee also the actor that plays Sub-Zero is in it.

  2. One word: DISAPPOINTED! the bad: cole young wasnt needed. they could have taken him out of the script completely or replace him with johnny cage (still played by lewis tan). tan is best when gets to use his charisma not just be brooding. they made the same mistake every time with these action stars. the rock, and jason mamoa didnt blow til they got to be FUN and smile and sexy and campy. watch this dude in interviews: no reason for him to be this lame like no reason for this scorpion legacy to be a thing. 2. the mark moving from person to person via death? stupid. just let the champions be the champions with their marks. this would fix problem 3: sonya being shafted/side lined. run time: too short. pacing: too fast. slow down and lets get to know these characters. 2 hours and half is the minimum it should have been. it would fix a lot of problems including extending the fights and character development. mileena could have had things to say and do. the earth champions could have spent more than a day training and bonding. one or two training montages with the text (day 1, day 7) at the bottom could show the passage of time and everyone but johnny (cole) getting their arcanas. then after a week or two shang tsung recruits kabal and thats when we get the kano betrayal which would hurt more not only as viewers but to our main cast. the death of kung lao: nope. if they want to do it save it for another film either the sequel or the finale. again this would make it hit harder to the characters and to us the viewers. its just a waste of a character especially when everyone else got to live like f you movie. im fine with the casting of the cast overall BUT (this is when the director comes into picture) shang tsung should have been at an 11 when he was at a 5. good job but not menacing or dramatic enough. cole’s family should have died. not only would it mirror scorpion’s past it wouldnt make sub zero look incompetant since this is what he does. he is a killer. no logical reason for him to have kept them alive when he killed all the other hasashis. it would have also added depth to the character and they really had no point in the film anyways so bam give it to them. in my script they wouldnt even exist but if we going to use em lets freeze em. the good: the cast, the dialogue, the fights, the efffects, the costumes, the concept of the arcana, liu kang (best character PERIODT and best actor ludi lin!), and kung lao. good ideas, bad execution. new writers and directors going forward. bring in quan chi, kill shang tsung which would free all the souls and give them the chance to ressurrect kung lao, kill cole and his family or just his family and bam we just fixed the problems of the first film without a reboot 🙂

  3. he said for the lin kuei which is the name of his clan so no its not a “bi han just killed them to kill them”. their clans are at war, they just didnt tell us why so they can always add in the why aka quan chi manipulated them. plus the good sub zero isnt bi han (the character in the film) its his younger brother with the tattoo on his eye, kuai liang.not a bad movie but a flawed movie. a bad movie to me is something is bad all over with nothing or only one good thing in it. like marvel movies are bad, the only good things are wanda (not in every film or scene) and loki (not in ever film or scene) vs this having so many good characters and intersting lore. it was wasted opportunity and potential. it should have been GREAT! sigh too bad you didnt watch the scorpions revenge film. while watching it i went “this is how they should do the live action film. just copy this shit. i mean its wb as well so whats the problem” it is so fucking good!

  4. talk about nostalgia glasses lol the fights in the og film were NOT better, at all. they were so bad except for liu kang. some were only for a few seconds like sonya fighting kano, scorpion vs johnny, really jonny vs anyone………i will say that film is less frustrating cause its crap and done at a time where its not possible to be of the quality it deserves. like i wont own the film or watch it on my own, heck i only watched it as an adult cause you guys did, but since i know it cant be good and isnt good i dont care lol. i just laugh at the bad so overall its a more enjoyable watch. i expect this to be good and the bad wasnt campy acting (which isnt bad in my book) or bad effects (there were none) the bad was the writing and directing which is unforgivable in my book. they have script doctors and on set writers to change scenes; directors have dailies to look at. this shouldnt have been as flawed as it was. NO EXCUSES!

  5. no. goror looked like shit in the first film and he looks good here. he shouldnt be green for accuracy but other than that no complaints. heck its not even a complaint. i never went “why is he green” while watching the film. guess im used to seeing orcs lol

  6. the actor is a good actor and did a good job, the problem again isnt the actors its the director who is supposed to bring the best out of them. he did a good job as i said but he could have been more menacing and turned up. he does NOT need to be or try to be like the og film, none of them should. he is playing an evil sorcerer so he should be eccentric. if not an 11 at least a 9

  7. as someone who loves music: no idea what you are talking about. its not a musical so…………..unless the background noise (what you call music) is so loud that it distracts from the dialogue or it drowns out the dialogue, other than that i dont notice it. didnt notice it here or any other film ever. now REAL music (i.e. musicals like pitch perfect, annie, last five years) those i notice, remember and can talk about. “music” in a non musical film is just not a valid point for either a negative or positive. it doesnt exist