Ms. Marvel 1×1 Reaction

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  1. It’s bad because this character is a clumsy idiot that caused more damage and mistakes in a single episode then necessary and that it’s clear she should not have these weird family secret powers. She should take that thing off and give it to someone with at least a lil sense or responsibility and care for her surroundings. People like this is why if people had super powers in real life the world wouldn’t be protected by heros it would be straight chaos. No matter how much she tries or learns this show has already pointed out she’s naturally clumsy and forgetful and doesn’t pay attention to her surroundings. with powers those traits would be amplified. I can already see her end season screwing everything up even the dude who likes her is gonna be mad at her and somehow she fixes the problem she caused and that makes it all better

    1. Literally Peter in Homecoming, with Tony having to come in and fix his mistakes. She’s a high schooler. Maybe set your standards a bit lower for a literal child compared to the Avengers.

      Not to mention, every single superhero had a flaw in the beginning that they had to overcome in order to become a proper superhero.
      Tony was a narcissistic douchebag.
      Steve was too loyal and unquestioning of the system.
      Natasha was a literal assassin.
      etc etc
      None of these equals superhero. And all of these characters managed to overcome their faults and become truly heroic.

  2. even her heroic moment was caused by her and she would never have needed to use her powers to somewhat catch the other girl if she had acted heroically before that girl got hit by the hammer, by i dont know grabbing her as she jumps out of the way to save herself. she only wants populairty and fame she is a the boys version hero