My Hero Academia 2×25 FINALE REACTION!! “Encounter”

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  1. Looked it up and the English voice actor for All for One is in fact Van Hohenheim from Full Metal. His name is John Swasey and man was he in a lot of anime. Including Attack on Titan as Dhalis Zachary

  2. One of the guys made a 100% accurate prediction at the last 5 minutes of the video, for the biggest episode of Season 3. Hahaha hope you guys react to the intro in the next episode too there’s a lot of tidbits and speculation there

  3. The idea is that Shigaraki’s goal didn’t actually change in this episode, he just finally realized WHY it’s his goal. Until now he’s just been some edgy dude who’s like “I fucking hate All Might, let’s kill him.” for no real reason other than he figured it’d be neat to do. Now he’s finally put 2 and 2 together and realized that All Might is the central pillar on which the entirety of contemporary Hero Society stands on, so killing him won’t JUST accomplish killing him, but it will also bring down the entire status quo that Shigaraki hates.