My Hero Academia 5×1 Reaction

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    1. I don’t think they are necessary. They provide extra content for the kids in the class and how they can work together and it isn’t terrible but it is pretty much pointless to watch. The all might OVA though was very needed so they do need to watch those types of OVA’s. I much more look forward to the heroes rising movie reaction.

  1. Any chance we could celebrate MHA season 5 with seeing the currently-blocked MHA videos fixed or uploaded to the website here or something?

    1. Yea I hope they get around to it. Majority of the ones that are blocked on YouTube are the ones that they reacted to before they started putting them on this website so even if you come to this website you can only go down to season 2 episode 25. Everything under that isn’t uploaded on here so their is no way to get it.

  2. I’m so glad you guys are reacting to this again, this is my first time watching these episodes, but I have read from the manga. So when I say you’ll love this season more than the others, You definitely will. I’m super excited to see how this season goes.