My Hero Academia 5×17 Reaction

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  1. Man. I don’t know what RHOP has or HAS NOT been telling y’all…but y’all are WAYYYY past the “ok” safety point of spoilers to watch the 2nd MHA Movie: HEROES RISING…

    Like. The only “spoiler” in it was 1 character saying: quote: “This kid MIGHT be able to use multiple quirks” ….and THAT WAS ALL THERE WAS TO ANYTHING REMOTLY spoilery….

    And that is was full blown already revealed in E10 of Season5 that Izuku is now CONFIRMED to inherit multiple quirks….so I don’t know why y’all waited till the new movie came out during the story line of this current Endeavour Agency Arc.

    Also FUN FACT: contrary to belief, this movie actually takes place BETWEEN S4 & 5 ..because the the whole “MVA” arc manga readers keep mentioning chronologically takes place BEFORE the fight Between Endevour & Nomu…hence how Dabi new exactly Where & How to have to access to the High End Nomu to send it after Endevour….

    The Villains side of the story takes place along side the Main story between the events of S4 right after they grab the bullets all the way through to the Endevour Agency Arc….we just see the students perspective first (since they the main protagonists & focus as the “Heroes”)

  2. ALSO!!
    The Epic “SAKUGA” animation we all love in MHA during the battles is all done by YUTAKA NAKAMURA ..and “HEROES RISING” is the one piece of EPIC colorful LONGEST RUNTIME OF SAKUGA ACTION he has ever done in his career so far!

    (Havent seen 3rd newest move, so I could be wrong now)

    1. The arc only *starts* before s4 ends- it *ends* mid December/s5 with the Deika City incident- or like a week after that, when Shiggy gets marching orders to go make his cameo appearance.

      I think they’re waiting because they want to give it some space, kind of separating it from the season to not mix them up. There’s a >1 year break between seasons after all- there’s sense in spreading out what they can