My Hero Academia 5×18 Reaction

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    1. If you are talking about the reaction video mine has the settings button for the qualities down in the bottom right next to the fullscreen button. It gives me all the way up to 1080p. Not sure if you didn’t see it or you for some reason don’t have it. Normally it will automatically go to the quality that your internet connection can handle. Not sure if you didn’t have good connection or something or it may be the device you are using.

  1. By the way, Endeavour does fully wear his hero suit beneath his casual clothes XD. If you look back at the other episode where Endeavour is washing the dishes, his shirt sleeves are rolled up, and you can see the hero spandex beneath

  2. Also, Ending’s power is even more pathetic than you think. His power isn’t to control white lines, but specifically *painted* white lines *on the road.* And even more so when you realise that was with the added boost of Trigger