My Hero Academia 5×2 Reaction

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  1. In Japan school starts in April. So season 1 started in February and he he trained to get into school. Season 2 was in Spring. Season 3 was in summer (that’s when they had they training camp). Season 4 was late summer early fall. And this season is late fall early winter.

    Also, Deku is the 9th user, he said there were seven figures in line with him and then he saw the 1st user so a total of nine. The gold-colored spirit was All Might. The spirits were not in order. Going down the line is 2 & 3 who can’t be seen, then 8 which is All Might, then 4, 6, and 5, then Nana Shimura who was number 7, and finally Deku who is number 9.

    1. Just a little ‘correction’, Season 1 started in (the previous) May, as Deku was training for 10 months, and the entrance exam happened in (I’m assuming) mid/late March, and the school year begins early/mid April.

      They’ll still be first years, 1-A, to until at least ~season 7. Then, they’ll be 2-A, and there’ll be a new 1-A, their underclassmen.

      Deku is the 9th user of One for All, 8 predecessors, 8 actual users of One for All since the original holder of it didn’t even know he had it until after he was gifted the stockpiling quirk from AFO. He’s the origin of it, not someone who actually ‘used’ it.

      Hawks is… complicated, to say the least. There’s a reason he’s a Fan Favourite, and I can’t wait (for the near-far future) for them to really get more insight into him. Though this season has a couple little tidbits for him, which I’m looking forward to in maybe 4-ish weeks!