My Hero Academia 5×20 Reaction

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  1. They chalked up the part where Toga questioned Shigaraki over whether the things she loved would be destroyed as well and shigaraki allowing his comrades wishes to be the exception to some almost stupid kind of joke that doesn’t at all give you the same meaning. This is exactly why I will never appreciate dubs even if I can tolerate them. They just screw over important moments like that and make certain moments of dialogue completely worthless or different in meaning and the people like this who don’t even bother with the original subbed dialogue won’t get that at all and potentially never even will understand what it was meant to be.

    1. so if u hate it so much, don’t watch it. Don’t just complain because “urgh, bad dub. me so angry. hulk dislike smash button”. They watch the dub for many reasons, mainly to make the reaction easier so they can hear it. Also, I love how you don’t even realise that they have it subbed and dubbed for them. Their editor puts the subs on the screen for them, which is why in some of their reactions, they read what it says. They also use dubs because they struggle to read and watch, and it is more accessible to a general audience. If you can read subs and watch easily, like me, then good for you. But many people can’t, and if ur making reaction vids for thousands of people, you gotta try to make it as encompassing as possible, and make the reaction easier on themselves.

      Plus, their editor and/or friends usually give them information like this anyway, where things are changed (like how they have done with shows like naruto for example). So if u hate dubs, then just leave. They ain’t gonna switch, no matter how many times people complain. I like sub over dub too, but I am fine with both, and don’t even try to act like their isn’t sub mistranslations either. English to japanese and vice versa is very hard, considering that even professional translators argue over the meaning of messages and how accurate the translation is. So don’t even try to act like sub is perfect and dub is bad, both can have their bad aspects and things have to be changed for many reasons

    2. wtaf are you talking about lol
      It pretty much IS a joke
      Toga heard Shigaraki say “I wanna destroy eVeRyThInG” and her only concern is “even the stuff I love?”, he says “no they can stay” and she cheers. (And remember that “things she loves” usually means Deku and Ochako, who will *not* go undestroyed in Shigaraki’s vision)

  2. The hands looking similar is because its a give away if they all look how they are suppose to, as in a pair of woman hands, a pair of man hands annd a smaller pair of hands and such. You could guess sooner those are his family if they all look appropriate. Also this way is easier to draw and animate, instead of carefully drawing each distinct hand on him in motion.

  3. Im REALLY hoping RHOP has just been slacking on the long over-due HEROES RISING Movie because he’s been editing it…I HOPE THATS THE CASE.

    Because the movie has NO MORE SPOILERS NOW THAT SEASON 5 IS ALMOST DONE…. either he be editing it (fingers crossed) and that’s why hes kee PM ing the BlindWave Crew in the dark…OR …he just keeps forgetting ….unless he has to “proof watch” it first just to make sure us commentors are telling the truth that there are no more spoilers.

    FUN FACT: The Sakuga (Epic Animation during fights & action) we see Yutaka Nakaumra do for all the epic MHA Scenes…is his LONGEST MOST RUNNING piece of epic sakuga animation in his entire career was done in Heroes Rising (might of been topped in 3rd movie…not sure yet lol)

    PLEASE RHOP!!! If you have seen this movie, you MUST KNOW that ALL OF THESE GUYS (Eric, Rick, Calvin & EVEN Arron) will most likely be MIND blown by some of the visuals as well as “The CONCEPTS” *wink wink* that get introduced in this movie!!!



    1. There are still spoilers, even if minor. Just look at Shiggy in his last scene in Heroes Rising and find out what’s different about him.

      By the way, they’ll most likely choose to watch it after the finale (either in MHA’s slot on mondays or as a crew pick on the movie reactions they do every friday).

  4. Man i hate how they rearranged the order of the arcs for this season. It’s built up so well in the manga, but with this they already have a feel for where the season is heading, and they revealed the stuff with the hands so early.