My Hero Academia 5×23 Reaction

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  1. Compared to a lot of anime voice actors for children the ones for his sister and him sounds pretty good, maybe not convincing enough to be a little boy sometimes but they don’t sound as bad as Deku’s child voice actor, at least in my opinion.

    I know voice matching for the more higher-pitched Japanese voice actors is hard and especially for children considering most times their voice by women, and hiring child actors is hard because they grow up out of their voices; just look at the first actor for Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist, but it just doesn’t sound that natural for Deku.

  2. He was suppressing his quirk, as a kid. Remember powerful quirks (or those that are extremely lethal) manifest later in order for the host to become stronger to hold it, also he was raised in a household where even mentioning Heros was punish so having powers was to guaranty that his father would hate him even more. He had no allergies, he was unconsciously suppressing his power due to stress n fear, ones he let go of his fear, the stress he stop teaching. Fealing n the state of the mind affects their Quirks.

  3. All Nanas Shimuras fault. She was a terrible person for abandoning her kid. You don’t get that choice to just up and leave. What a horrible woman. Glad she was killed and her quirk taken. That’s why All for One can float. So good she had it coming.

  4. On the discrepancies in Shigaraki’s quirk, I think its a skill thing. the first time he uses it he breaks his family into fairly large chunks hence why its so bloody but as he refines his control he breaks things down into smaller particles.