My Hero Academia 5×25 Reaction

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  1. Shigaraki I think is playing right into All For Ones hands. My prediction is that he will gain great powers but All For One will destroy his mind and his consienceness will take over his body since All For Ones body is a wreck. He just needs to destroy whatever is left of Shigaraki as a person.

  2. Man of man!!! …for what should be a big cliff hanger….I’m seeing how sooo many reactors don’t seem to pick up on the time skip for the After Credit

    Like..I miss the level of passion each frame of animation and well created song edited & placed at exact perfect moments of each each frame of each episode the first 3..technically 4 seasons of MHA had…like..S4 was actually pretty well done for the constraints they had…but for the story content of S5 you would think they’d be a lot more attentive and creative with making sure each episode “hit the note” so to speak.

    S5 was good..done get me wrong..I loved so much that happened…just…the quality..was unfortunate. But I’m still thankful for what the brought us!

  3. Thank God Blind wave pays attention to almost every detail…sometimes TOO much XD …but man. Love these guys.

    But NOW ..For The Love of Everything that Matters In Existence:

    Unless RHOP been editing & proof watching the movie…can y’all FINALLY PLEASE Make watching the MHA: HEROES RISING Movie Reaction the Very Next movie you You Guys React to & POST!

    …Prety pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty PLEASE! …with all of ya gavourite toppings on top…with ya other favourite toppings on top of that!!

    Many love to BLINDWAVE CREW & RHOP! ^.^

  4. Pebrock above is entitled to their own opinion…but contrary to believe.. most commonly popular shared opinion of 2nd movie is that it’s the best of the 2 (for most who have actually seen them all so far–that may change soon)

    YUTAKA NAKUMRA: The Legendary Key Anim as tor contracted to Studio Bones that created asa tws the anime of MHA, FMA: BROTHERHOOD, MOB PYSCHO, DARKER THEN BLACK, Etc.
    Is reoznible for all the Epic action animation scenes we get to witness…like..all that eye candy we call “SAKUGA” and it is said that the MHA: HEROES RISING is his most Longest & cleanest epic run of Key Animated Sakuga Action Animation he has ever done in his entire career for one long ass scene.

    ….shit is good on no matter how many rewatches..but maybe that’s just