My Hero Academia 5×5 Reaction

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  1. Sorry to tell you guys this but, Can’t Stop Shining doesn’t throw up if he uses the laser too much, unfortunately it’s much worse and from the other end.

  2. Tokoyami’s actually using pretty much the same exploit as Hawks is to fly.
    Hawks doesn’t really have wings like a bird does- his quirk is ‘fierce wings’, not ‘hawk’- he just has telekinetic control of a bunch of feathers that grow out of his back. Since he can make the feathers hover or fly around wherever, he can make them make *him* hover or fly around. Dark Shadow just needed to make the logical leap that if he can fly around and grab other people, he can grab Tokoyami and fly around, too.

      1. 95% the time I’d guess he flaps them because a guy having giant wings and flying without them would be really unnerving lol
        That or being showy to get people’s attention
        They probably do help his in air mobility though, cutting through air resistance and building momentum. They’re big enough to work as gliders, just not nearly big enough to get a human off the ground from nothing (which he does pretty regularly lol)

  3. Nahhhh. I’d love being on Bakugo’s team lol. As long as you’re cool with just listening to him and fulfilling the role he gives you, it’s almost a guaranteed win most times lol