My Hero Academia 5×7 Reaction

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  1. Endeavor wants to teach Shouto ‘flashfire’, which is the super-concentrated fire Endeavor used throughout the Nomu fight- Prominence Burn is the finisher he uses flashfire for. Endeavor can use it, but it makes him overhead more with each shot, which Shouto can obviously counter by cooling off.

    FYI Pony’s lines don’t translate too well ironically because she’s an American exchange student, so she’ll periodically use English sometimes.

    You missed Endeavor’s (one-sided) text conversation with Shouto! He sent at least one of the messages before he finished typing it, presumably because he has enormous fingers and a tiny screen.

    And yeah, ‘successors’ are kind of a theme in this arc, in this fight especially contrasting Todoroki with Tokoyami and Iida. Shouto and Tokoyami learned from the top 2 Heroes, and Tokoyami more or less adapted Hawks’ signature technique (flying), while Shouto’s tried to distance himself from Endeavor, and mostly uses fire defensively. Then he and Iida both have an inherited quirk and relatives who know the hard-won tricks to getting the most out of it, but Iida’s embraced it while Shouto’s left his dad on ‘read’ (understandably, but it’s still an available resource he isn’t using)

    1. They would watch the dub though and I don’t think I could handle that. I mean, I’m sure that the Funimation dub is fine but my soul has been to damaged by the 4Kids dub to handle any English One Piece (also, I doubt the dub can match the majesty that is Japanese Usopp saying Condoriano!)